Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally! The First New I Haz Podcast Of 2014...

I've been slacking.  Here's a new "I Haz Podcast" for 2014.  Enjoy.

  1. I want To Get High - Wood 'n' Soo 
  2. Shake Your Hips (Warp9 and EssexGroove) - Slim Harpo 
  3. Limb By Limb (Smookie Illson ReTwerk) - Cutty Ranks 
  4. Whoa! - Broadway Slim 
  5. Flashing Lights (TWRK MIX) - Kanye West 
  6. Dub Like An Egyptian - Bangles 
  7. Bashment - Ape Drums 
  8. Kill 'em with the Vibes - Neon Steve ft. MC Zulu 
  9. La India Matea (Jimmy Love's Tender Lovin Cumbia Edit) - Jimmy Love 
  10. Let Me Clear My Throat - DJ Kool 
  11. In The Summertime - The Captain 
  12. Sensation - Wicked City 
  13. Sour Times (Busta Remix) - Portishead 
  14. I Believe In Miracles (Featurecast Remix) - Jackson Sisters 
  15. Wanna Thank You (Pickster Edit) - Alicia Myers 
  16. Gal a Bubble - Koshens 
  17. Swing Break - McMash Clan
Pick your streaming/download poison:

This Week's Mixtape Fun...

All the way live. Good stuff.

MCA Day Chicago Is Approaching...

Come celebrate the life and music of MCA and BEASTIE Boys May 4th at Liars Club in chicago.  You know you want to.

Red Bull Curates Canvas Coolers...

Who doesn't like free stuff? Come join us Thursday.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why 135 Miles?...

I can dig this.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Solid Hip Hop Mixes To Set Your Day Right...

Kratfy Kuts Vol. 1 Podcast. It's a beast. Enjoy.

Fishr Pryce Hip Hop V House Live Set: Good times for your ears.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fresh Is The Word...

Just like the song says "Fresh is the word" and Freshism has some of the coolest gear and and art from some of my favorite designers. Check them out. You definitely wont regret it. Get dipped.

If you decide to pick up some goods use the code, "LAUNCH20", and get 20% off your order.  You're welcome.  Be sure to tell them DJ Intel sent you.

Fun With Chicken...

Q - How do you KFC?
A - From behind a Red camera and holding my veggie burger.

Politics aside, I had fun shooting this.  Enjoy.