Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steinski Gets A Video...

This is really solid. Glad it happened.

The Motorcade Sped On has been in my work archive for the last 12 years and my good friend and co producer/director Lyndon Lorenz and I began to discuss releasing it on You Tube throughout 2008. As November of this year marks the 45th anniversary of this horrifying and tragic chapter in American history we've decided it's time. Produced in 1995, for myself it was a project to hone my video editing skills in a career which today finds me editing culinary programming. It was edited in an "old school" edit room of what was then one of the leading post-production facilities in New York, Equipment included 3 Sony BVH 2000 1" video machines for playback and D2 format Sony machines for recording. We also had a Beta SP machine which we used for visually "scratching" the "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" line. The machines were controlled by a CMX 3400 edit controller and the images were manipulated using Ampex Digital Optics (ADO) and Grass Valley Kaleidoscope. The images were mixed though a Grass Valley video switcher. Within three years, this technology would begin to become extinct as desktop editing systems such as AVID began to overtake the market. Like many Americans, we have always wondered if we will ever get the real story about JFK's assassination. For years before we began this project Lyndon and I had read many books, screened many films and debated for hours on the subject. Oliver Stone had recently put out his film on the subject. The audio track caught our attention on WAMC's Spinning On Air radio program. It was produced by a guy named Steve Stein releasing sound collage dance tracks under the name Steinski and Mass Media. Lyndon and I spent about a half a year of Saturdays and many Sundays in the edit room after collecting and screening footage and mapping out the video. Lyndon brought his keen iconographic visual sense and the idea of highlighting specific words within the dialogue using title cards which were each hand made by Lyndon using matte board and press type and shot under a title camera. We ran some shots through a monitor placed under the same title camera. I think we both came up with the idea to run the audio track through an oscilloscope and videotape that also under the title camera to use as a keyable element. For me, that oscilloscope waveform is the pulse and heartbeat of the video punctuating particular passages ultimately flat lining at it's conclusion. I would humbly like to thank Steve Stein for producing this thought provoking track which got us going and would also like to thank the producers of the films and still images which we procurred to make this happen. The audio track and images used are the property of the associated owners. The completed video work The Motorcade Sped On is the intellectual property of Lorenz and Turits.

Andy Turits, November 2008
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