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Obama in the place. Mo Wax Fo Yo Face...

Headz: A Soundtrack Of Experimental Beathead Jams. First installment of the long out-of-print Mo'Wax series.
Disc 1
1. Patterson: Freedom Now (Meditation)
2. Attica Blues: Contemplating Jazz
3. Awunsound: Symmetrical Jazz (Flapper Till 5am Mix)
4. Nightmares On Wax: Stars
5. La Funk Mob: Ravers Suck Our Sound
6. M.F. Outa 'National: Miles Out Of Time (Astrocentric Mix 'n' Beats)
7. RPM: The Inside
8. Autechre: Lowride
9. Olde Scottish: Wildstyle (The Krush Handshake)

Disc 2
1. DJ Shadow: Lost & Found (S.F.L.)
2. Skull: Destroy All Monsters
3. Deflon Sallahr: ... Don't Fake It
4. RPM: 2000
5. Palm Skin Productions: Slipper Suite (I) Jeremy's Velvet Slippers (II) Moonrakers (III) Unspeakable Acts
6. UNKLE: The Time Has Come (U.N.K.L.E. vs. The Major Force Ems Orchestra)
7. Howie B.: Head West - Gun Fight At The O.K. Corrall
8. Tranquility Bass: They Came In Peace
9. DJ Shadow: In-Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Remix)

Long out of print 1997 Trip-Hop Compilation from Mo'Wax.

CD 1:
1.Nightmares On Wax: Nights Interlude
2.Prunes: Cantona Style
3.Peshay: The Real Thing (90 BPM Version)
4.AIR: Modular (Modular Mix Produced By Solid)
5.Dust Brothers: Searchin'
6.RPM: Flow
7.DJ Wally: My Bloody Valentine (Nitty Mix)
8.UNKLE: Garage Piano
9.DJ Krush: Kemuri ('94 Part II)
10.Sam Sever And The Raiders Of The Lost Art: Do You Understand?
11.Stereo MCs: What Is Soul? (Instrumental)
12.Urban Tribe: Covert Action (Carl Craig Mix)
13.Lo-Fi Sensibilities: Cabin Fever
14.Midnight Funk Association: Code

1.DJ Food: Concentric Circle
2.Cool Breeze: 27 Years Of Solitude
3.Stasis: Discotron
4.Scott Free & Cybil Ant: Mango Maracatu
5.Tortoise: The Source Of Uncertainty
6.Massive Attack: Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation Mix - Instrumental)
7.Beastie Boys: Bodhisattva Vow (Instrumental)
8.Folk Implosion, The: Simean Groove
9.Olde Scottish: Martian Economics
10.Urban Tribe: Eastward (Forme Remix)
11.Lunar Funk: Spacewalk
12.Forme (2): New Element
13.DJ Solo: Pressure II
14.Innervisions: Organized Crime

Mo'Wax Compilation: Headz 2B

CD 1:
1. Luminis: Spectral Arc (6:17)
2. Luke Vibert: Sharp A2 (6:40)
3. Money Mark: World Lesson Part II (2:31)
4. Twig Bud: Swiss Air (4:15)
5. UNKLE: The Time Has Come (Portishead remix) (4:22)
6. Grantby: It's Coming (6:09)
7. Donut Productions: Wirecutter (4:56)
8. Dust Brothers, The: The Groomsman (3:21)
9. Skull: Crash (5:56)
10.Beastie Boys: Flute Loop (Instrumental) (2:00)
11.DJ Krush: Maze (5:16)
12.Attica Blues: Sketch (3:14)
13.Jungle Brothers:Ultimatium Ultra Mix (Jungle Beats/Jungle Bass) (4:31)
14.Danny Breaks: Science Fu Beats (5:38)
15.Force, The (12): Future Tense (7:18)

CD 2:
1. Palm Skin Productions: The Beast (remix) (5:43)
2. Peshay: The Real Thing (9:09)
3. Dillinja: In The Mood (6:04)
4. DJ Krust & Roni Size: Tribetoon (6:18)
5. Source Direct: The Silent Witness (7:05)
6. As One: The Counterpoint (8:06)
7. Innerzone Orchestra: Bug In The Bassbin (Street Mix) (4:38)
8. Black Dog Productions: Object Orient (5:42)
9. Special Forces: Trilogy (13:41)
10.max 404: Quiddity (Last Visit) (6:32)
11.Zimbabwe Legit: Shadow's Legitimate Mix (6:21)

Ape vs. Mo'Wax: 1997 Japan- only Mo'Wax compilation.

Disc 1:
1. Takagi Kan: Skit 1 - Cry Monkey
2. Nigo: March Of The General
3. Urban Tribe: Eastward
4. Takagi Kan: Skit 2 - Shorty
5. Urban Tribe: Eastward (Forme Remix)
6. Money Mark: Got My Hand In Your Head
7. Takagi Kan: Skit 3 - Woody
8. Attica Blues: Tender (Organised Konfusion Mix)
9. DJ Shadow: Midnight In A Perfect World (Original)
10. DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers: Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop
11. DJ Shadow & The Groove Robbers: 1/2 Bonus Scratchapella
12. Takagi Kan: Skit 4 - Cosmic Swim
13. UNKLE: Berry Meditation (The Darker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice Mix)
14. Sukia: The Dream Machine (Space Echo Mix)
15. Takagi Kan: Skit 5 - Cry Monkey Dub

Disc 2:
1. Takagi Kan: Skit 1 - Child Play
2. Money Mark: Cry (Dust Brothers Remix)
3. Liquid Liquid: Cavern (Let's Hear It For The B-Boy Remix)
4. Takagi Kan: Skit 2 - Desert
5. UNKLE: Last Orgy 3
6. Attica Blues: 3ree (A Means To Be) (Showbiz Remix)
7. Liquid Liquid: Scraper (Psychonauts Remix)
8. Takagi Kan: Skit 3 - Lesson 4?
9. UNKLE: Rock On (John King Remix)
10. As One: Soul Soul Soul
11. Takagi Kan: Skit 4 - Just One
12. DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1) (Peshay Remix)
13. Takagi Kan: Skit 5 - Angel
14. Deborah Anderson: Lonely Without You
15. DJ Shadow: Stem (Cops 'n' Robbers)

Borrowed from Henry Krinkle's House of Sound
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