Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Comic Con Wrap Up...

That was a long 3 days. A lot of convention floor walking, shaking hands, and then making people dance till their faces melted. I saw a lot. The highlights being the entire cast and creative team behind True Blood, Danny Devito and of course Olivia Munn. Here's some flicks and a little bit of video to sum up my experience. Enjoy!

My favorite picture from the weekend. All bow before Sat...I mean Broobee. Hahaha. I had to do it.

It's a tough job sitting next to Suicide Girls all day. Hahaha.

My hands have become famous.

OK. But only because you asked nicely Castle Grayskull.

Join the dark side. The Sanrio dark side.

It sure is.

Jim Mahfood paints on girls.

Some live art by Mike Huddleston and Jim Mahfood.

Even the Predator like Mrs. Field's cookies.

This was my first beer of the weekend. It didn't happen until late Saturday. For shame.

Tara McPherson. Meow.

I had to DJ from the spaceship. Weird.

Now this is more my speed. Let me pull up a stool.

Carrot Top From a safe distance.

This man, Tommy Wiseau, is responsible for this:

It was a fun weekend. So long San Diego.

Hopefully I'll have some party pics up soon. The party was a huge success. Big ups to Devil's Due and Pitchblend.
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