Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego Comicon Day Uno In Photo...

Thursday night I played at Lava (Big Ups John Simmons and Newlife) to a killer party. Shots and booze were flowing and the dance floor was heavy. Closed it out, went home napped, showered and headed to the Airport. Why do I always seem to book early AM flights after long nights of deejaying? Anyway go on my plane, a lil groggy possibly slightly drunk, and headed to San Diego. Arrived, hoped in a cab and went straight to The Con. This is the first thing I see:

This gals approached me and told me I had to take a flick of one of there butts to win prizes. I told them them just 1? There's 3 of you.

Got inside, costumes, video games, comics etc. Here some more photos. Enjoy.

Steam Punks > Hipsters

Favorite sign of the day.

What do the two in the middle transform into? Slutbot? I kid. I kid.

Ummmm... on

Danny Devito and Ria Pearlman

Ron English

Some other highlights include randomly meeting Scott Ian (Anthrax), Hurley from Lost and the always friendly Loyd Kaufman.
Tomorrow There will be video. I was too asleep to grab my Flip. Peas.
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