Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Can Work It Our Promo Video...

DJs Intel and Popstatic hold the 'We Can Work It Out' DJ night at The Darkroom in Chicago. 'We Can Work It Out' is a night devoted entirely to the music of The Beatles and all the band's collective off-shoots and by-products. By that I mean that over the course of the night, we cycle through Beatles originals, cover versions, live versions, solo projects and much, much more, melding it all into a seamless pastiche of sounds from different genres and eras... But all under the greater Beatles musical umbrella. With the two of us on four turntables and two mixers, you'll hear us play funk, disco, reggae, pop/rock... Whatever. We try to make it as expansive, colorful and diverse as possible while never straying from our Beatles-related theme over the duration of the evening.
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