Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bad Meaning Good #11

DJ's Popstatic & Intel and The Burlington present a feature film event...
Bad Meaning Good: A night of obscure and offbeat favorites from the glory days of trash cinema.

On March 1st, 2010
At The Burlington, located at 3425 W. Fullerton
Showing at 8pm.
"Our eleventh entry in the Bad Meaning Good canon is Andy Sidaris's cinematic ode to bare breasts, rocket launchers, and killer mutant snakes."

'Hard Ticket To Hawaii'

-Directed by the late king of 80's action-sleeze, and Chicago-born director Andy Sidaris.
-Admission is FREE
-Hosted by John Wilson

"The 2nd film of veteran 80's sleeze/softcore-action auteur Andy Sidaris's "Triple B" collection (as in Bullets, Bombs, and Babes), 'Hard Ticket To Hawaii' tells the story of a pair of lethal ladies working as drug enforcement operatives on the Hawaiian coast. When the ladies accidentally ucover a shipment of diamonds intended for a local drug dealing fatcat, the two are thrust into a series of increasingly ridiculous and oft-hilarious hijinks. Along the way we're treated to a seemingly neverending parade of gratuitous nudity, campy dialog, rocket launcher deaths, a killer snake on the loose, budget level production values, nunchucks, ninja stars, jacuzzis, atrocious acting, sleezy drug dealers, and just about everything you'd expect from a hideously bad and mesmerizingly awesome piece of late 80's, late-night cable trash."

The Films have been hand picked and curated by Popstatic & DJ Intel.
Music provided by Popstatic & DJ Intel from 10pm to close.

Get a full dose of info here at Popstatic's blog.
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