Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soooooo...How About That Mos Def Doom show...

There's nothing like a good booing and having bottles hurled at you to judge a crowd. Hahaha. Took one for the team and now it's on to the next thing.

I don't really have much to say about that night that already hasn't been said to exhaustion. Here's the words from the promoter, Gold Grums (a very solid guy), that sum it up best (taken from the Galapagos4 messageboard):

"ok so here we go.

First off, giving Hand 2 Hand shit for this makes no sense at all. Jason Urban has been busting his ass to elevate everyone in the hip hop community here for waaay before I got here. And he gets nothing in return. This kid is a fuckin machine and symbol of everything good in the music business...if he sounded like a dick or slick or whatever, it was just misunderstood due to it sometimes being tough to convey your thoughts and demeanor thru type...keep in mind he's just trying to help the situation, get to know him in real life and your life will be better for it. This guy is as honest and hardworking as anyone in the biz.

Second, I have not been avoiding this thread. I haven't had the time to craft a proper response since I've been dealing with agents, managers, disgruntled patrons, partners and lawyers for the past two days. This is not to say I haven't wanted to respond, but talking to all those people comes first (which is still going on of course) before I can give any time to a discussion board...as much as I love all you.

Anyone who knows me or knows what I've been doing for the past four years here in Chicago knows that I am as honest as they come and plenty capable. My history speaks for itself. Don't know my history? Here's the facts..

Successful shows promoted by Cold Grums Productions, Inc.:
The Prodigy,
Peanut Butter Wolf,
The Rub,
Cut Chemist,
DJ Spooky,
Rob Swift,
DJ Craze,
Wes Restless
People Under the Stairs,
The Presets,
I Love chums,
Kid Cut Up & OnceaMonth,
the Cool Kids,
The Primeridian,
Double Up!,
Mic Terror
Tone B. Nimble,
Steve Miggedy Maestro,
Ohmega Watts,
Hello My Name Is Chicago: Art Edition and afterparty,
Juke Jam,
Ghislain Poirier,
Blu & Exile,
Tanya Morgan
Rabid Vinyl Monks
Pugslee Atomz,
Pac Div,
Graf on Girls ,
Drummer vs. the Technician,
Vast Aire,
The Sound Conspiracy,
The Fingerbangerz,
Analog Addicts
Why B
Snoop Dogg
Method Man
Devin the Dude
Prefuse 73
Meat #5,
Mic Terror
80s Babies
Boys Noize,
Crystal Castles,
Mayer Hawthorne and the County
Kings Go Forth
Bassment Jaxx
the Jordan Years
The Gent$
MSTRKRFT...all without a hitch, and the list continues but you get the idea...

...and this doesn't include the countless nights of local showcases that I've thrown, paid for, put my own time and money into vouching for my friends who are performing to the venue that they'll bring people out, only to lose money, time and credibility to the venue. I do all this to give my friends and local artists I believe in a stage to perform on and promote their music. And I'd do it all over again. Many of you are on this board.

...so J when you use such strong adjectives and attack my credibility and track record, you should ask around town first...I'm not saying you don't have a right to be pissed. your frustration is completely justified, but you were incorrect in assessing my professionalism and intentions. If you don't ever come another one of my events or if you keep posting comments about the doom show after my future posts...what can I do...I'm not going anywhere.

BUT...this is not to say I'm not owning up to a shitty show. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE INVOLVED AND TO THOSE THAT WENT THAT THE SHOW TURNED OUT TO BE A DISASTER. But as I've stated, this is one shitty show out of hundreds of quality productions. you don't get to be in this position without proving to a few people you know what you're doing and earning the trust of your patrons. HUGE THANK YOU to Kid Static, Intel, Maker, Pickel, RTC, Demchuk, Rude1, Trew, BBU and Qwel!!!!!!!! I have checks for you guys...

..So yes. the show sucked and I apologize for that. I'm a man, and can admit when my product was of a sub-par quality...which is an understatement to say the least i know. the night was just shitty all around.

...I'm trying to address everything just fyi. you're bitching about $5 beer prices? try and find a large concert venue that doesn't charge that much. We have no control over that or the fact that the Congress Theater has no proper will call office so the lines get long. We purposely open will call every show day-of from 2pm on so that people can come grab their ticket early and avoid that line. Did you see the line for ticket holders? It was 15 people long at most the whole night. Thing is...Congress is probably the ONLY venue in town of that size that doesn't charge outside promoters absorbent fees, that's why we do shows there...and these other venues do so on purpose as to make it impossible for independent promoters like me to do shows. They see us as a threat.

..and as many of you have pointed out, (over and over) Yes I made a guarantee. I have a signed contract from the agent stating that Daniel Dumile will in fact be performing as Doom. I've asked him about this repeatedly and he assured me the real thing. I mean him and Mos have three shows together...and the agent is no spring chicken. This agent is pretty big and has been around forever and has a rep of his own to protect. So when he assured me, I believed him and made the guarantee to you guys.

what can I say but give me time and I'll do my best to win you guys back. As I mentioned before, I'm not going anywhere.

...But the sad matter of fact is right now, is even now we can't prove that wasn't Daniel Dumile. Here's how shit went down that night. it was an all-in deal so they booked all their own flights and hotel and ground trans. Doom sent his dj to do soundcheck, just line checks, so it's understandable and common that the prima-donna (sp?) headliners don't bother to check themselves. Like Mos, he was maaaad late to his set times and from what I hear from the agent, he is just super secretive and anti-social. So we're thinking "ok, Mos is here, and this is just part of Doom's mystique" Then, Doom's crew pulls up 15 people deep. Everybody comes out of the car except for Doom. Again, according to the agent, this is typical Doom. Then just as his set is supposed to start, dood jumps out of the car, runs in behind his huge hypeman, grabs a mic and runs on stage. At no point did we have time to fingerprint him or draw blood for inspection. And IMO, seriously, the dood looked like him, like Zev Love X. yes it was pretty obvious that the guy was lip-syncing, but we can't say that it wasn't Dumile. If Dumile lip-syncs because he is too fat, alcoholic and out of breath to spit his own verse, I guess that's what it has come to now.

...soooooo right now we are working on somehow attaining some kind of proof that it wasn't Daniel Dumile, because for all we know as of right now, it was...and he just sux at performing. We're working with investigators and lawyers to attain all and any evidence so that if need be we can show people it was really him, and he's just a fucko, or if we find proof that it wasn't him, we can bring legal action against him and be able to make it right with those who attended. But as of right now, until we can find proof otherwise, all we know is that it was Doom and he's a shitbag.

Doom's camp claims it was really him and promised us a statement by the end of the day.

...before we reach some conclusions with proof to either effect, I would like to offer anyone who wants to go to the HOUSE of PAIN and GZA pre-St.Paddy's Day jam a complimentary ticket, free of charge, on CGP, Inc. that's the most I can do for you guys right now. Just send me a PM with your name and you will be on the comp list at the door.

...many thanks to everyone who got my back on this thread. This booking was crazy difficult from beginning to end. and if I see any of you out and about I'll tell you even more shit that I had to deal with. But I can't relay that info here. wuk. I'm sorry, J. I'm sorry. Zac. I'm sorry...twas not my intention...and this was one instance out of many success'...

I took a risk and I'm paying for it now. Sometimes that's what you have to do in life...I know it's still no excuse."

Let's leave this night in the past.

And for the anonymous blogger (Blahsucks/hiphopsuck) dude out there. I'm sorry I suck. Come out to my next gig and I got you on a beer. On to the next.

Update: ClubTix.net issued a statement:

Thank you for emailing Clubtix about this issue.
We would like to first start off by saying that Clubtix is NOT a promoter and was NOT the promoter for this event. We are ONLY a online ticketing website used by promoters and venues to sell tickets.
It is unfortunate that we cannot grant your refund request at the time because the allegations on this event have yet been confirmed. No one can provide solid proof that DOOM was not present. There is a open investigation on the “rumor” and until it is proven guilty, no refunds will be given.
We are working directly with everyone to resolve this issue in a timely matter and would appreciate your patience.
Below is the release from the Venue and Promoter while the investigation is in progress.
There are rumors floating around that this past Saturday’s DOOM show was performed by a person who was not DOOM.
The promoters of the show: React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater understand the rumors and are NOT ignoring the issue.
At the current time, React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater DO NOT have any proof that the person who performed was not Daniel Dumile, a.k.a. Doom. The show was legally contracted and paid for in full. The show was officially listed on Doom’s website. React, Cold Grums and Silver Wrapper are all independent promoters, and pour our lives into our shows.
Circumstances beyond the promoter’s and venue’s control prevented the artists from arriving on time, and the promoters elected to keep the venue open late so that the show could go on.
React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater are conducting an investigation with the Talent Agency, Management and Legal representatives for Doom. Because the show was legally contracted and paid for in full, any breach of contract could result in serious legal action. Doom’s representatives are also preparing a statement.
Regardless of any of opinions, compelling proof of the matter is needed to take legal action on it. Until the investigation reaches conclusion, and proof is in hand, the promoters will not issue any refunds. At the current time, it is a rumor. This issue is being treated with the utmost respect and consideration.
React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater will release a statement clarifying the results in the coming days.

All the best.
clubtix.net - online support
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