Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Meaning Good: Keepin' It Real Edition...

So you've had a month to cleanse your cinema palate. Popstatic and DJ Intel are back with Bad Meaning Good to funk up the place again. This month we step back to a time when hip hop was ruling the big screens. Special K was dreamy, Ozone was champ and we were screaming Ramone! No we're not talking about Breakin' or Beat Street. We're talking about the film gems Rappin' and Body Rock.


After putting on a hot sho
w with his friends at a local club, skilled rapper and break-dancer Chilly D (Lorenzo Lamas) gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a star. But is fame more important than the friends he's known forever? When Chilly finds himself faced with more fans and adoration than he's ever had before, he's forced to make a choice between riches and keeping it real.


Just out of lockup, rapper John Hood (Mario Van Peebles) discovers that his girlfriend (Tasia Valenza) is living with a gang leader (Charles Grant) hired by a land developer to evict tenants so he can demolish the neighborhood. Can John use the power of rap to save the 'hood and win back his woman? Ice-T appears as himself in this engaging urban drama also starring Eriq La Salle and Kadeem Hardison.

The movies are followed by the dj styling of Popstatic and DJ Intel until closing time. Word.

This all goes down at The Burlington this monday, 8/2/10, at 8pm.

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