Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Were You On Bossk Day?...

August 28, 2010 was proclaimed Bossk the bounty hunter day by Zero Friends artist Alex Pardee. His announcement sparked the start of something beautiful and hilarious.

If you're not familiar with Bossk here's a brief description from Star Wars Wiki:

Bossk (meaning "Devours His Prey" in Dosh) was a Trandoshan bounty hunter and the pilot of the Hound's Tooth. He also held the title of Monarch of theQotile system. He was particularly unfond of Chewbacca and his Human partner Han Solo. He would face them several times, and would be one of the six bounty hunters Darth Vader hired to track down and capture the Millennium Falcon. Despite the fact that Bossk loved to hunt and skin Wookiees, he would unknowingly aid in the freeing of hundreds of Wookiee slaves on the island world of Lomabu III. He was also a frequent partner and foe of both Boba Fett andZuckuss, both fellow bounty hunters. After being repeatedly beaten by Boba Fett, he would eventually boost his reputation as a bounty hunter by defeating Fett on Tatooine.

Here's some of the amazing photoshop that ensued.

If you need some more Bossk humor click here.
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