Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Haz Podcast 2011 Featuring Fishr Pryce...

Here is the first DJ Intel podcast for the New Year. I'm going to be doing something a little different this time around. I'm inviting some of my favorite dj's and friends to contribute mixes and join me on the podcast. For this installment I've asked my other mother brother and fellow Disk Killah Fishr Pryce to throw down for your ears. You're in for a real treat. Fishr's mix is a genre and boredom smasher. Be prepared to dance at your desk, on the train or wherever you are bumping this. Enjoy.

Fishr's thinking of the coming zombie appocalypse and if your mom's carpet matches the drapes.

Below is the podcast cast for those that like to stream or download.  But as you already know I truly love it when you subscribe to my podcast feed.  That way you don't have to anything ever again.  I just show up ready to party in your itunes. Plus you get artwork, links and fun messages.  Awesome Right?  Click here to do that.

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