Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brasil X Africa X India...

I've been bumping this mix from DJ Newlife the last few days.  It is fantastic.  Definitely grab this one.

 Global Roots: Brasil vs Africa vs India by VoodooKiller DJ NewLife

GLOBAL ROOTS: Brasil vs Africa vs India Edition

Global Roots Music: Music from all over the world that serves as the foundation for more modern global sounds. While some of these songs are newer they have a strong quality that, for me, categorizes them as rootsy/classic sounding. In all languages the tunes speak of substance and real life. I used music influenced by (not necessarily created in) 2 countries and a continent for this mix. A few of these songs are my own edits. The music on this mix is taken from vinyl, mp3 and CD. I did my best to preserve some of the quality of the music but there are obvious faults. The mix was done live with 2 Technic 1200s, DJM 909 Mixer, SSL-3 and a Korg Kaossilator-Pro in my home in Chicago on a Saturday night in May 2011 . You can hear this and more at the FEx party in Chicago on first Saturdays at Subterranean.
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