Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Dark Lord Day '11 Recap...

Saturday, April 30th was Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds' Brewery in Munster, Indiana. I joined about 5,000 beer nerds in the quest to be intoxicated before noon and to acquire my 4 allotted bottles of Dark Lord 2011.

My Journey to Munster began at 8am. It's been a long time since I've been on a yellow school bus. I definitely no longer fit in the seats. None the less we made it to the site and hopped in line to get in.

This is when the first beers of the day popped open.  I started off with a Surly Furious.  It's one of my favorites.  

After a good 50 minutes of waiting in line, jokes, beer sharing and trades the line started to move into the Three Floyds' Brewery. 

At this point you need to play this mix to get a proper feel for the event.

'Punching Babies' -- A 25 Minute Metal Mix by dj symptoms

Once you were inside it was like this.  A huge mob of beer guzzling hop heads.  All set to an epic (this is a fair use of the word) soundtrack of heavy metal.

Before 2pm our table looked like this.  Let's just say we were all feeling nice.  I was in group C which means I had to make it until 5pm before I could even think about buying my Dark Lords.  Did I make it?

This is a list of guest brewers they had on tap.  They changed throughout the day as the kegs ran out.  Goose Island's rare keg blew by 10:10am.  They tapped it at 10am.  NERDS!

Somehow I was able to trick my Floyd friends and the stellar gentlemen from Stone with my DJ Intel Dark Lord Day edition buttons for beer.  This allowed me to drink a lot of great brews.  I'm pretty certain I made it through the entire guest brewer's board plus the Floyds special taps.  Mmmmm Zombie Dust.

In the end I did make it into the Dark Lord area and grab my 4 bottles. I wasn't a scratch and win winner for one of the rare bottles but as 2Pac said, "I ain't mad atcha."   They also had some solid bands playing in there and more beers on tap.  

It was a great day and I would totally do it again.  Somehow I managed to get back to Chicago, eat sushi, get home, shower, ride my bike to Rodan and DJ until 3am.  Party!

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