Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What You Sippin' On?...

First up was Region Riot from Three Floyds.  
It was just ok.  It's a modern day malt liquor.  
I guess it was a good starting place for the evening.
I probably wouldn't order it again if the chance came up.

Next up was Steel Toe Stout (nitro pour) from Ska Brewing.  
I think I've had just about every beer Ska has offered now.  
I liked it.  Solid "stout" taste, but not to sweet like some other nitro stouts out there.

Evil Twin's Biscotti Break was the next beer to wet my whistle.
The name definitely hits the nail on the head.  It tastes like a biscotti
dunked in coffee.  It's a really solid beer. My favorite of the night. If you see it get it.

Mikkeller's Beer Geek Brunch Weasel also made it into the 
line up.  It was solid! Smokey, sweet, bitter awesomeness.  
High fives to you and your gypsy brewing.

My second favorite beer of the night was Dark Horse's Plead The Option. 
So tasty on the palate.  I could have drank this all night.  Sure I
probably would have fallen off my stool and had one hell of an
adventure walk home but it would have been worth it.

After the heavy stouts I decided to go in the complete opposite
direction.  Gueuze Tilquin was that direction.  It immediately cleansed the 
palate and my mouth was new again.  Really solid.

I ended the night back home sipping on a Founder's Havest Ale
watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  What a whirlwind beer night.

Until the next time, drink the good and travel safely.  

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