Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vocalo's "Quest For The Best" DJ Comp...

Hey blog readers last week I submitted a 15 minute live mix into Vocalo's "Quest for the Best" DJ competition.  It's a competition based around mixing more then battling and the usual fair.  I made the cut and have moved onto round two.  Round two is being held in person and I would love to see you there next Wednesday at Simone's.  The list of DJ's selected is great.  So many talented friends on there.  This is going to be fun. Cheers!

Learn more about this contest and upcoming events HERE.


First things first, I would like to thanks everyone who submitted a demo. I appreciate the time & effort it takes to put together a good mix & make a statement in just 15 minutes. We got some pretty awesome submissions & listened to each one. Keep in mind.. we could only pick a set number, this was extremely hard. So if you didn't maKe the cut.. there are still other opportunities ahead with us & Vocalo 89.5fm.

You are now in our radar.

We asked DJs to do certain things like: Keep it clean, use more than one style of music, don't submit a mix that you can't reproduce live, tell us a story through your mix, be creative & original etc. That was a lot of the stuff we judged on.

Tune in this week to the Friday Night DJ Series as we will be talking a bit more about the competition & why it's important for Chicago & Chicago radio. Also we will be playing a few demos to give everyone an idea of what they can expect Weds. Feb 8th at Simone's.

Drumroll please... (this list is in no order)


Shred One



Major Taylor


John Simmons

Shazam Bangles

New Life


Joe Greenbaum

Itch 13 (Itchie Fingers)

DJs will receive more details soon.. Practice up!!!

I also want to remind everyone.. that like we said from the very beginning. This is not your typical "DJ Battle"

We are looking for the next member of our collective. Each one of use does a specific thing when it comes to music but are very well versed in other styles. That is very important, how you fit in to the collective is very important. You have to be as good, creative & forward thing as the other 9 members. This is more than a DJ team.. it's a movement featuring other likeminded DJs & music lovers who are looking to push things forward. Thanks guys JDLP

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