Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Face Melt Turns 1 Year Old This Week...

Hey Lazernet friends,

Just a reminder about the Face Melt 1 Year celebrations this week 3/22 & 3/23. 

On Thursday, the top 3 finalists in our 'Open for ill.Gates' contest (GeeCee, Vapor Eyes, Morbidly-O-Beats) go head to head for the #1 spot.

RSVP at ill.rsvp@groundliftmedia.com for free entry / more info about this showcase OR click here.

Then his Friday, we welcome Muti Music / Amorphus recording artist ill.Gates, along with local support by DJ Belly, Raj Mahal, & the contest winner. As a special addition, we're excited to announce local hero Prob Cause will be hosting! Get your presales here.

There will also be an after party for the ill.Gates show at TBD location but you need to be at Reggie's to find out.

See you on the dance floor.  Bring an extra face.
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