Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's A Weird Journey But I Love It...

Hello DJ Intel blog readers (all 3 of you),

I hope all is well with you.  This past week was an interesting and a great one for me.  I started off my week by getting my vote on and getting a fade by renowned hair artist Jeremy Knott.  I wasn't to familiar with the hair art world but I am now.

Phase 1

The final product.

After getting Michael Jordan faded into my head I packed my suitcase and flew off to sunny Arizona. If you ever plan on flying with an art fade be prepared to be stopped by everybody at the airport.  I even got pulled out of the security screening line to take pictures.  Hahaha.  I thought I was in trouble.

As you may have read on my blog previously I was in Arizona for the Furious Styles Crew anniversary. 


The day one pre-party was a 90's themed graf-on-girls party.  The DJ's threw down and girls got painted.  I also got interviewed while at the party.  I think it came out pretty fun.  You can check out the interview by clicking HERE or below.

Day two was a Blunt Club Thursday, but before it went down I did my Arizona must and visited Cheba Hut for a sandwich and a Kool-Aid.

It's not the size of the sandwich.  It's how you smoke... eat it.

Following the grub down we headed off to Cyphers, Furious Styles Crew new dance studio, to record an episode of the bboy show, Epicenter.  Definitely watch the FSC episode.  There's so much insanity and goofballing going on.

Rob Nasty is the host.  This dude is hilarious and a wicked dancer.  So grateful I got to meet him.  We'll meet again Mr. Nasty.

View from the booth.

Immediately after the show we jumped into House's trusty Scion XB and headed to the Blunt Club.  I pretty much went straight from the car to DJn.  I only have a couple of flicks.   I love playing Blunt Club because I get to rock with Pickster and Radar.

Dumperfoo on the live art.

I also got to rock with live percussion.  They destroyed it.

Apparently some gal was having a serious Whip-its party in parking lot.  Good luck to you miss.

If you want to check out more Blunt Club photos click HERE.

Friday's event was an outdoor event.  It was a huge open styles battle.   These are my favorite kind of battles to DJ.  I can play anything.  And I mean anything!

This is the only flick I took.  I doesn't show very much.  Four teams out of twenty-two won.  They all got $100 and moved on to round two at Cyphers the next day.  

After the open styles battles we headed off to the Hidden House.  This night's DJ lineup included Radar, Dyps, a surprise set from Element and me.  Everybody rocked it.  Dance party all night.  I decided to play mostly oldies.  I think it was successful.  Flicks of the madness should be coming soon via VE PHOTOS.

Saturday was day one of the Furious Styles Crew anniversary jam.  

The line to get in.

The Graf battle.

One of the many circles.

On the end of day two I officially got inducted into the Furious Styles Crew.  It's such an honor and I'm so excited to be in the crew.  Check the video of how it went down.

There will be a ton of photos to come.  Stay tuned to FSC for a list of winner and updates.  Peace and thanks for reading.  See you at FSC20!

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