Monday, March 11, 2013

Pretty Ghetto Is Here...

My Modest homey Phive10 is here with his "Pretty Ghetto" mix tape project.  I put together track 2.  Give is several listens, download it,  Share it, like it, start a religion with it... whatever.  It's free.  Enjoy.

"I want to show my appreciation to those of you out there who have been supporting the evolution of this project since day one... So here's a TAPE version of the "Pretty Disk" album, which is part one of the Pretty Ghetto project. I'd like to thank you in advance to those who will be buying the two disk release at Modest on March 11th." - Phive10

1 - Intro: Hometown (featuring/produced by @tonezonebeatz)
2 - Clap Your Hands (featuring/produced by @djIntel)
3 - Shot Urself in the Phoot (featuring/produced by Example)
4 - Doughboy Television Skit (featuring/produced by S.Ruffin)
5 - F-L-Y (featuring/produced by @ChanceSon & S.Ruffin)
6 - Chi-Riding (featuring/produced by @Namedbran & @tonezonebeatz)
7 - Delores Interlude (featuring/produced by Portishead)
8 - Delores (featuring/produced by ILLPoetic)
9 - Chicago Lights Freestyle (featuring/produced by @Coult-45 & @Menoover13)
10-Ice on Your Wrist (featuring/produced by @lit-larry-supa-slyk-1 & @Decept-2)
11-Sunsets (featuring/produced by Diplo & Borgore)
12-Internet Connections (featuring/produced by Vicki Leekx, Jay & Silent Bob)
13-Suck My Deck (featuring/produced by @sick-one-1 & S.Ruffin)
14- (featuring/produced by S.Ruffin)
15-That's Enough / Sad to Say (featuring/produced by Lil B)
16-ISALY (featuring/produced by Little People, Roberta Roberts, and Andrea AK)
17-Flight Crew Skit (featuring/produced by S.Ruffin
18-2093 / My Dreams (featuring/produced by Little People)
19-Zombie Radio / My Nightmare Interlude (featuring/produced by S.Ruffin)
20-WZMB (featuring/produced by @ChanceSon)
21-All Day, All Night (featuring/produced by @Coult-45)

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