Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Was A Lot Of Fun...

Greetings blog readers.  How are things?  November was busy, but luckily it was the good kind of busy.  

I started off the month by DJn the Big Buck Hunter HD World Finals.  I was a super amount of fun.  Name a genre it got played.  From metal to country to trap.  Virtual animals were killed and jugs were awarded.

Clayton De La Chapelle was my DJ partner throughout the event.  He crushed it.

Hollywood Holt was the host.  Always solid on the mic.

The Following weekend the cinematographer side of DJ Intel also got to shine.  Director Konee Rok and me hopped on a bus and an RV to Detroit to begin shooting a music video for Phife Dawg's new tune "Dear Dilla".  It's a fantastic tribute song to the late Jay Dee.  Keep you peepers and ears on the lookout for it.

Dilla's uncle Herm is a fantastic chef and baker.  Check out his Dilla's Delights if you find yourself in the "D".  They're so good.

As I said. Amazing.

Phife, Ali Shaheed Muhamed and Konee.

DJ Rastaroot


Konee and my jib operator.

Konee, Ma Dukes (Dilla's mother), Phife and me.

Uncle Herm showing us his craft.

Rasta Root, Dwele, and Phife.

That's a warp.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  You'll definitely see it here.

Here's my November "I Haz Podcast" just in case you missed it.

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