Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Like To Shoot Moving Pictures...

Hey internet friends!  As some of you may know when I'm not DJing you can often find me find a lens shooting a movie, commercial or a music video.  I had a bunch of new ones I shot all drop today.  If you have a moment check them out.  Cheers!

Friday The 13th Spoof from Kevin Epperson on Vimeo.

First up is a horror comedy directed by Kevin Epperson of One Tear Productions. This was a lot of fun

to make.

Grand Royale Vimeo from Kevin Epperson on Vimeo.


Next up is a music video also directed by Kevin Epperson. Everybody loves a dis song. Enjoy.


 The third is a short film directed by Eric Mattson. It's a story of love and loss. Love how it turned out.

Avery*Sunshine | "Call My Name" | Directed by Konee Rok from Konee Rok on Vimeo.

Director Konee Rok and I teamed up again to make another video for the Talented Avery Sunshine. Here's what we made.  Classy.

The next two videos have been out for a minute but don't think I posted them before.


 I don't eat chicken but this was fun.

Chrisette Michele | "Love in the Afternoon" | Directed by Konee Rok from Konee Rok on Vimeo.

Another Konee Rok and DJ Intel collaboration.
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