Monday, June 16, 2014

June, You So Crazy...

I haven't done a personal update post in a long time.  Mid June seems like a good time to start.  Be warned This post will involve mostly running stuff.  Lets begin.

To kick off June and prepare myself for the Ragnar Relay race from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago a couple of guys and myself from the Three Run Two running Club decided to run to all the major Chicago stadiums.  Our route was US Celluar to Soldier Field to United Center to Wrigley Field.  In the end we ran somewhere between 18-19 miles.  It was a very fun and challenging day.  

During that same week I had three video projects I shot make their debut at the Indie Incubator Film Fest.   If you haven't been to this festival you should check it out at least once.  It's a great time.   

After that fun.  Ragnar was here.  My first leg into Ragnar I decided I absolutely regretted my decision. I had to run 10 miles in the 97 degree direct sunlight heat.  The next leg I ran was at 2am.  It was a lot more fun, but almost completely pitch black.  My third leg I was completely sold on the experience. Once I finished, showered and had a chance to regroup my sanity I decided I loved every minute of it and would absolutely do it again.

Team 2 at the finish.

Van 1 team 2.

Our road kills (people you pass while running).

Slap bracelet exchange to Van 2.

Me on the run.

A night exchange.

Diaz passing it off back to our Van.

The finish line.

I washed some clothes and DJ a set a Simone's and then it was off the NYC for a bridge the gap runners meet up.  Running crews from all over the globe met up to run, party, celebrate 10 year anniversary of the Bridgerunners, party, and then party some more.  I had so much fun. 

Williamsburg Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

I met the only other Intel I will recognize.  

Got to see and meet Ricky Powell.

Saw the Brewers lose to The Mets.

Charlie Dark of Run Dem Crew.

The last run of the meet up.  

Sometimes your run involves a cable car.  Spider-Man did not show up.  Jerk.

A bridge before we hit Nas' home and the Queen's Bridge.

I got back home to Chicago then went up to Wisconsin to play a private party.  I was a blast so much fun.  On the way back home I decided to run a trail race with the good folks at Muddy Monk.  The trail we ran was great and had a decent amount of technical stuff to it.   I did pretty well and had a blast.  

At the finish.

Now it's time to rest and get ready for Chicago Marathon training which starts for me next week.  Cheers!

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