Friday, October 2, 2015

Parliament Funkadelic X Dark Matter Coffee X DJ Intel...

Funk upon a time, somewhere amidst the Ukrainian Village, Earth. The concept of specially designed Arabica astro-lots, capable of cafunkeinating entire galax-zzz's, was first laid upon Dark Matter. Bourbon funk, straight from the funk fields of Guatemala, transported to The Mothership. They call us the Big DMC, galactic funk-o-philes that transcend the line. While coasting, we toast the clones of bourbons that ignite the soul of Dr. Funkesntein." BECAUSE FUNK IS ITS OWN REWARD!

DJ Intel's masterpiece mixtape is pure Funkadelic! Featuring sound bites, interview snippets and lots of George Clinton! The bag artwork and design were brought forth by Jeff Kuhnie and Peter Wano. Jeff's cosmic art was translated to bag design by Peter, uniting one nation under a groove. Both of these talented gentlemen are featured artists for Pipeworks Brewing among others.


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