Monday, November 22, 2010

Ninjas! F*ck Yeah!...

Everyone loves ninjas and nothing says hello to the holidays like a ninja double feature.  

Bad Meaning Good:  Ninjas! Fuck Yeah! Edition

8pm:  Gymkata

Before there was parkour there was Gymkata.  Get in the know.

Olympic medalist Kurt Thomas stars as Jonathon Cabot, a champion gymnast recruited to represent the United States in a brutal competition inside the borders of savage Parmistan. To secure a site perfect for a nuclear defense program, the U.S. government trains Cabot to carry out a deadly mission. Based on the novel by Dan Tyler Moore and directed by Robert Clouse, this intrigue-soaked martial arts melee favors action over plausibility.

10pm: Return Of The Ninja

In an attempt to escape his blood-soaked past, former ninja assassin Cho Osaki (Shô Kosugi) leaves Japan behind and relocates to Los Angeles, where he's befriended by an American businessman by the name of Braden (Arthur Roberts). But what the unsuspecting Osaki doesn't know is that Braden is a heroine trafficker who's embroiled in a beef with a mob boss (Mario Gallo). Ashley Ferrare also stars in this martial arts action flick.

After the films DJ Intel will play music until close.

See you at The Burlington.

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